Terms And Conditions

Please read our General Terms for you to acknowledge and abide by. We appeal to your commonsense to support our Drivers and the next passenger to keep the iiRide wheels turning for your andothers benefit.

  • 1. Use of the iiRide App
  • By downloading and using the iiRide app, you agree to abide by our General Terms. If youdonot adhere to our General Terms then you may not use the iiRide service.

  • 2. Independence
    • iiRide acts as a ‘booking agent’ for bookings for you as a User, including a person or personsyou may book on behalf of, and for bookings and payments for the Driver as a Service Provider. Other than being a booking agent, there is no relationship between us and you, nor us and the Driver.
    • You acknowledge that iiRide drivers are independent contractors in their own right and that iiRide drivers are not employed by iiRide.
  • 3. Use of the iiRide app
    • You have a limited license to use the iiRide app for your personal or business use. Youdonot have any rights to the contents of the app other than your specific booking and invoice information.
    • We do not warrant that the iiRide application is error free from any interruption. Any application which uses the Internet inherently may suffer from poor performance fromtimetotime. iiRide cannot be held liable for technology issues impacting the app as may occur fromtime to time. We ask that you report any poor performance of the app for quality improvement.
    • We are not responsible for your personal information other than that which you providetousupon registration. See the iiRide Privacy document here for more details regarding useof your personal information.
    • We make every effort to fulfil your booking request however, the service is provided onan‘asavailable’ basis in that we provide no guarantee that your booking request will be fulfilled
    • You must be 18-years of age or more (‘Eligible Age’) to both book and use the iiRide app
    • You may make a booking for a minor provided that minor is accompanied by a person or persons of Eligible Age
    • iiRide takes no responsibility for the age of the person making and using our service.
    • If a Driver suspects that a user may be a minor, the Driver may request ID and, if you areaminor, the Driver is obliged to cancel the trip for which you will be charged a cancellationfeeas per the Cancellation clause in this document.
    • You may contact the Driver in-app once the booking is accepted. After the booking is completed you are not permitted to contact the driver. All post-trip enquiries are to be made to support@iiRide.com
    • iiRide Service Agreement: Passenger Terms and Conditions
  • 4. Intellectual Property
    • You acknowledge and agree that all Intellectual Property is, and will be, the sole and exclusive property of iiRide
    • Intellectual Property means any and all industrial and intellectual property of any kind (whether or not in a material form) that is developed for or arises out of or in relation to theperformance of iiRide services, including but not limited to:
    • patents, trade-marks, copyright (existing and future) and designs (whether registered or unregistered);
    • any application or right to apply for registration in respect of any of the rights in(a); and
    • eligible layout rights, database rights, software developments, computer programs(including both source and object codes), processes, inventions, specifications, formulas, know-how, research data, improvements in procedure, discoveries andsimilar rights.
  • 5. Other Content
  • The iiRide app may provide you an opportunity to access 3rd Party sites. You acknowledgeand agree that by you accessing these 3rd Party sites and services including, but not limitedto the Apple store and Google Play, iiRide is not liable for any and all activity you may performwithin any 3rd Party sites.

    You further acknowledge that iiRide has no control over 3rd Party content and waive any right to pursue iiRide for any damages for any action taken by you beyond use of the iiRide appitself.

  • 6. Governing Law
  • You agree to abide by the laws of the country in which you reside.

    These Terms are governed by and is to be construed in accordance with the laws ofVictoria

    Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of thecourts exercising jurisdiction in Victoria and any courts which have jurisdiction to hear appealsfrom any of those courts and waives any right to object to any proceedings being brought inthose courts.

    If you do not agree to abide by this ‘Governing Law’ clause, you may not use the iiRideappor service.

    As a consumer, your rights are protected by Australian Consumer Law in the Consumer andCompetition Act 2010 (Cth). Nothing in these Terms affects your statutory rights as a consumer. We make no express warranties beyond the consumer guarantees.

  • 7. Fees and Charges
  • iiRide fees and charges are listed, for your convenience, within our app and/or online

    When making a booking, you have access to the ‘fare estimate’ provided to you prior toyousubmitting the booking

    iiRide has made every effort to provide transparency of pricing to ensure a seamless andenjoyable experience using iiRide

    Your fare comprises: a booking fee, the trip metered fare for the distance and time taken, anytolls and GST. If any other charges are agreed upon between you and the Driver (ie: cleaningfee), then this may also be included in your final charge

    You may tip your driver at your own discretion

    iiRide may change its Fees and Charges structure from time to time. We suggest you checkour General Terms from time to time and always check your ‘fare estimate’ within the appprior to completing a booking

    iiRide may complete pre-authorisation of your credit card prior to commencement of thetriptoensure that the cost of the trip can be covered and protect card holders fromfraudulent activity. This pre-authorisation process is not a charge but will reduce your credit at this point of time. It is your responsibility to ensure funds are available to cover the cost of a trip viathepayment method you have selected

    If your primary source of payment for a trip is rejected, you are required to provide an alternate payment method, including cash

    iiRide Fees and Charges are subject to applicable Federal and State levies, fees and taxes

    If you believe you have been charged incorrectly, please provide a brief explanation to support@iiRide.com and we will investigate your request and seek resolution

  • 8. Promo codes
  • You may receive a ‘Promo-code’ which you may use when submitting a booking

    You may only use the promo code within the terms provided together with the promo code

    A promo code cannot be added after the booking request is submitted

    You my use the promo code within the specified validity period provided by iiRide and not beyond this date and time

    iiRide is not responsible for misplaced or lost promo codes

    You may not duplicate, transfer or sell a promo code

    A promo code is not redeemable for cash or credit

  • 9. iiRide Trip Credits
  • You may receive a ‘iiRide Trip Credits” which you may use when submitting a booking

    iiRide Trip Credits may be used within six (6) months from issue, after-which period, iiRideTrip Credits expire

  • 9. Cancellation and No Shows
  • 10. Privacy
  • Your privacy is important to us. Please refer to the iiRide Privacy document here

  • 11. Cancellation
  • We ask that you keep you booking however, we understand that circumstances may change. Therefore, out of respect of our Driver community, we may charge cancellation fees

    You, as a passenger, may cancel a booking at any stage however, depending on whenyoucancel, you may, or may not, be charged the cancellation fee as follows:

    You may cancel a Book Now booking at any point, however you will incur a $10.00cancellation fee

    You may cancel a Book Later booking (including a booking for Others) at any point, and not incur a $10.00 cancellation fee provided the job has not been acceptedbyaniiRide driver. If the job has been accepted and the booking is to commence 1-hour or more away, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. Any cancellation of a bookingless than 1-hour prior to commencing the trip will incur a $10.00 cancellation fee

    To change pick up address, drop off address, date and/or time for Book Later andBooking for Others bookings, this will require you to cancel and re-submit your booking request, subject to a cancellation fee if a driver has already accepted thebooking, as above

    If you feel you have been unfairly charged, provide a brief explanation of the issuetosupport@iiRide.com and we will investigate your request and seek resolution

  • 12. Special Events
  • iiRide pricing may be subject to additional charges during ‘Special Events’ such as in Melbourne: Spring Racing Carnival and the Grand Prix and in all locations in which we operate for occasions such as New Years’ Eve

    You will be aware of our prices when you make a booking as iiRide displays our prices in-appwhere you have the option to select:
    Vehicle type
    Vehicle Availability
    Vehicle time taken to get to you

    We suggest that you always check the above indicators when you make your selectionsoyouare fully informed, especially regarding the price estimate

  • 13. Vehicle Damage
  • Please respect the Driver and his/her vehicle

    You are fully responsible for any damage that may occur to the vehicle as a result of your ownactions and of the actions of any minor in your care

    Should an incident occur, causing damage (ie; physical damage to the vehicle, being sickor, in any other way, vandalizing or spoiling the vehicle) you will be charged the make goodfeeto repair and such damage, whether willful or not

    The Driver has all rights to collect information from your Drivers License, or similar identification, to be able to contact you for compensation

    We ask that you willingly assist the Driver as our Drivers are there to help you get fromAtoBsafely and efficiently. Any incident impairing the Driver from continuing his/her work as aresult of your own (or actions of a passenger you are travelling with or a minor in your care) isto be fairly compensated

    If the Driver feels unsafe due to an incident with you (including passengers you are travellingwith including minors in your care), he or she may contact the Police for their assistanceand, at this stage, the incident will be handled by the Police

    If you feel you have been unfairly charged for an incident, please provide a brief explanationof the issue to support@iiRide.com and we will investigate your request and seek resolution

  • 14. Driver abuse
  • If you feel you have been unfairly treated by the Driver, or have been abused by the Driver, please provide a brief explanation of the abuse to support@iiRide.com and we will investigateyour request and seek resolution

    If at ANY stage you feel unsafe with a Driver, please ask the Driver to stop what they aredoing and advise them you may take action. If the Driver persists in activity which continuesto make you feel unsafe, please ask the driver to pull over where it is convenient and safe, stop the fare and exit the vehicle. Depending on the situation, you may wish to advise iiRideat support@iiRide.com for us to investigate and seek resolution and/or the Police

    However, if you feel you are personally at risk from a Drivers’ activity or other offensivebehavior and your initial request to stop or exit the vehicle is not honored, please dial 000andask for the Police to assist you

  • 15. Termination
  • You acknowledge that iiRide, at its own discretion, may terminate use of the iiRide appduringa dispute period or for extended periods of time, including indefinitely, should an investigationresult in reasonable evidence against you, that you should not be permitted to use the iiRideapp.

    Notwithstanding any other provision in these General Terms, iiRide may immediately terminate the use of our services at any time (without a notice period) if you:

    become bankrupt

    commit a breach of any part of the General Terms

    commit a serious or persistent breach of the provisions of these General Termswhich is incapable of being remedied to iiRide’s reasonable satisfaction;

    are convicted of any offence involving fraud or dishonesty or any other offence(including a traffic offence) which is punishable by imprisonment or loss of licence(whether you are imprisoned or not or lose your licence or not)

    For the purposes of this clause, a serious breach of these General Terms includes the following:

    abusive or threatening behaviour towards a Driver;

    any dishonest or suspected fraudulent activity including using the systemfor non- genuine jobs, such as illegal activity;

    not being of Eligible Age

  • You acknowledge that you have read and understood this “Service Agreement” in its entiretyand that this Agreement constitutes the complete agreement between yourself and Us.

    You also acknowledge that We have the right to change this Service Agreement fromtimetotime and that it is your responsibility to visit this Agreement in-app or on our website to refreshyourself and continue to agree to use of Our Services.

    You may elect at any time to terminate use of Our Services for any reason provided youhaveno unpaid debt to Us.

    You also acknowledge that notices to you will be in electronic form in-app, via the website(s), by Notifications, SMS or email and you accept these electronic forms of communicationwithyou as formal notification